Anglicismos in Legal Spanish: Do we really need them?

In a previous blog entry I reviewed some of the many “legal anglicisms” used when referring to cumplimiento normativo (“compliance”). This prompted me to make a list of others that I’ve come across in past translations. Just for fun, I’m listing 20 of the more obvious ones below, with a question for fellow translators and lawyers who follow this blog: Do these crop up in your translations too? Are there others that are more common? Do we really need them? If so, which are imprescindibles, and which aren’t? (Remember, I’m referring for “legal” anglicisms.) You can post your additions in the comments section below or send them to me at:

bullying (acoso escolar)

cash flow (flujo de caja)

commodities (matrias primas)

copyright (propiedad intelectual; Derecho de autor)

crowdfunding (micromecenazgo)

dumping (venta a pérdida)

franchising (franquicia)

fundraising (captación de fondos)

holding (sociedad tenedora de acciones; sociedad de cartera)

leasing (arrendamiento financiero)

lobby (grupo de presión)

mobbing (acoso laboral)

offshoring (deslocalización)

outsourcing (subcontratación)

royalty (derechos de autor; canon de franquicia)

sponsor (patrocinador)

staff (personal; plantilla; empleados)

stock (existencias)

target (objetivo; meta)

training (formación)

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