How to tame compliance-related “anglicismos gone wild”

In a recent tweet entitled “anglicismos gone wild,” Mariano Vitetta–@marianovitetta (EN-ES translator and law professor in Buenos Aires) featured an Argentine publication* in which the term “compliance” is used multiple times. Indeed, “compliance” is definitely one of those English terms that is often present in Spanish-language company law texts. For those who prefer to avoid anglicismos when possible, here are a few of the compliance-related concepts that Spanish law firms and some of my corporate clients use:

  • compliance; regulatory compliance—cumplimiento normativo
  • compliance audit—auditoría de cumplimiento
  • compliance complaint box—buzón de cumplimiento
  • audit and compliance committee—comisión de auditoría y cumplimiento
  • criminal compliance; compliance with crime detection and prevention rules—cumplimiento normativo penal
  • compliance and crime prevention—cumplimiento normativo y prevención de delitos
  • statement of IFRS compliance—declaración de cumplimiento con las NIIF
  • anti-corruption compliance model; crime prevention/deterrence model—modelo de cumplimiento normativo penal
  • chief compliance officer (CCO); compliance manager—responsable de cumplimiento normativo
  • compliance guidelines—programa de cumplimiento normativo
  • compliance unit—unidad de cumplimiento

*Jesús-María Silva Sánchez. “Criminal Compliance: Apuntes penales sobre el cumplimiento normativo.” Hammurabi—José Luis DePalma, Editor.

2 thoughts on “How to tame compliance-related “anglicismos gone wild”

  1. audit and compliance committee—comisión de auditoría y cumplimiento
    ¿si al committe le llaman comisión a la commission la llamarán…comité?


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