Capsule Vocabularies: Trademarks

LeGal English_ _Brand_ & _Tracemark_(1)
ES-EN legal translators (and lawyers and professors) often require a minimum basic vocabulary in a specific area of law, something that they will be hard pressed to find searching word-by-word in a dictionary. (In this case, the “problem” with dictionaries is that they are in alphabetical order.) Blog entries labeled “Capsule Vocabularies” will feature some of the basic terminology lists developed for use by my students of legal English that I hope may also be of interest to translator and interpreter colleagues and other legal professionals.

Marcas (Trademarks)

Derecho de marcas; Derecho marcario—trademark law
marca—trademark; trade mark (UK)
marca denominativa—word mark
marca gráfica—device/design mark
marca mixta—composite mark
marca publicitaria—slogan mark
marca de fantasía—fanciful mark
marca tridimensional—three-dimensional mark
marca sonora—sound mark
marca de garantía—certification mark
marca colectiva—collective mark
marca de servicio—service mark
marca notoria—well-known mark (known to consumers in the sector)
marca renombrada—renowned mark (known to the public in general)
marca anterior—earlier mark
marca prioritaria—prior mark
marcas confrontadas—conflicting marks
marcas idénticas—identical marks
marcas incompatibles/confundibles/que inducen a confusión—confusingly similar marks
marca descriptiva—descriptive mark
marca consolidada/inatacable—incontestable mark
marca multiclase—multi-class mark
marca defensiva—defensive mark; defensive registration


Source: Rebecca Jowers. Léxico temático de terminología jurídica español-inglés. Valencia: Tirant lo Blanch, 2015, pp. 925-926.


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