Learn English Online


A previous blog entry (“Legal English, Legal Translation and Resources for Legal Translators”) focused on helping Spanish-English legal translators and legal professionals learn Anglo-American Law. But over the summer several of my former students of Legal English have asked me for resources to help them improve their “normal” (nonlegal) English skills. Here are Twitter accounts and blogs that I follow that focus on learning English. If any of you out there have additional suggestions, I will gladly to add them to this list:


@bbcle (BBC Learning English); bbclearningenglish.com

@Eingleses (Estudios ingleses); eingleses.com

@EnglishRadar; englishradar.com

@EnglishStudy; FunkyEnglish.com

@InglesSila, aprendeinglessila.com

@madridESL (Daniel Welsch); madridingles.net

@NextStepEnglish; nextstepenglish.com


@TEH_Learning; theenglishhall.com

@The_YUNiversity; TheYUNiversity.net

@YentelmanBlog; yentelman.com

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