Confusing Terms: agente de seguros; corredor de seguros

Many confusing terms in legal Spanish and legal English are simply legal synonyms that are not always clearly distinguishable, often making it necessary to learn how each one is used in a specific context or in set phrases (frases hechas). Some may be interchangeable; others are limited to use in specific contexts. Those highlighted in this blog are ones that I have seen confused in translation or that my students and lawyer clients have found most difficult to distinguish.

agente de seguros; corredor de seguros

Although sometimes confused, these expressions generally mirror the difference between the English terms “insurance agent” and “insurance broker.” In that regard, an agente de seguros (“insurance agent”) typically represents a single insurance company or agency (aseguradora), offering his customers the insurance policies (pólizas de seguro) marketed by that company. In contrast, a corredor de seguros (“insurance broker”) may offer his clients a series of products from different insurance companies. As underscored in Article 21.1 of Ley 26/2006 de mediación de seguros y reaseguros privados, corredores de segurosrealizan la actividad merantil de mediación de seguros…sin mantener vínculos contractuales que supongan afección con entidades aseguradoras.” In that regard, insurance brokers act as impartial mediators in insurance transactions: a diferencia del agente de seguros, el corredor es un mediador imparcial, no actúa en nombre y por cuenta de una entidad aseguradora, sino en beneficio de las dos partes contratantes.* Thus in this context, the expression correduría de seguros might be rendered as “insurance brokerage firm.”

*Juan Manuel Fernández Martínez. Diccionario Jurídico. Cizur Menor: Thompson-Aranzadi, 2004.



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