Spanish-English Terminology of Gender Pay Discrimination

Today I received a notice from my gestoría indicating that a new law (Real Decreto 902/2020, de 13 de octubre, de igualdad retributiva entre mujeres y hombres) will soon come into force, seeking to bridge Spain’s gender pay gap. Since I’m always on the lookout for new legal terminology, I’m sharing below some of the terms I jotted down as I read the text of the law in the BOE. I’ve included possible English translations. (There may be other appropriate renderings and readers may suggest additional terms).

  • brecha salarial (wage/pay gap)
  • brecha de género (gender gap)
  • igualdad salarial (wage/pay parity)
  • principio de igualdad retributiva (equal pay principle)
  • igual retributiva/igualdad de remuneración por trabajo de igual valor (equal pay for equal work)
  • discriminación retributiva por razón de sexo (gender pay discrimination)
  • transparencia retributiva (pay transparency)
  • auditoría retributiva (salary review)
  • retribuciones/percepciones extrasalariales (non-salary compensation; “perks;” perquisites; fringe benefits)

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