Now in eBook! Thematic Lexicon of Spanish-English Legal Terminology


I’m pleased to announce that my Léxico temático de terminología jurídica español-inglés is now available in ebook.

More than a few colleagues have asked for a searchable versión, and since the Léxico is admittedly quite extensive (over 1,000 pages), the ebook edition will indeed make finding specific terms and concepts easier.

The work contains over 20,000 legal terms, expressions and concepts from 15 areas of Spanish law with their corresponding English translations, and its thematic approach presents terminology in the context in which it actually appears in Spanish legal texts. I created it as a tool for intensive translator-interpreter terminology training, as well as for lawyers and law professors who require an in-depth knowledge of Spanish and English in the major legal disciplines.

Here is a general overview of the Léxico’s content:

  • Law and the Judiciary (Derecho y sistema judicial)
  • Civil Procedure (Derecho procesal civil)
  • Criminal Law (Derecho penal)
  • Criminal Procedure (Derecho procesal penal)
  • Corrections Law (Derecho penitenciario)
  • Labor Law, Social Security Law and Labor Procedure (Derecho del trabajo, Derecho de la Seguridad Social y Derecho procesal Laboral)
  • Tax Law (Derecho tributario)
  • Law of Persons (Derecho de la persona)
  • Contracts (Derecho de los contratos)
  • Law of Torts (Derecho de daños)
  • Family Law (Derecho de familia)
  • Property Law and Property Registration (Derecho de cosas y Derecho hipotecario)
  • Law of Succession (Derecho de sucesiones)
  • Business Law (Derecho mercantil)

Download the full (32 page) table of contents: Léxico–Full table of contents.

Available from the Tirant lo Blanch legal publishers here.


2 thoughts on “Now in eBook! Thematic Lexicon of Spanish-English Legal Terminology

  1. I was checking out the ebook and it looks it is not allowing to be added to the basket. Is there another publisher that allows purchasing the ebook?


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