Capsule Vocabularies: medidas cautelares (1)

ES-EN legal translators (and lawyers and professors) often require a minimum basic vocabulary in a specific area of law, something that they will be hard pressed to find searching word-by-word in a dictionary. (In this case, the “problem” with dictionaries is that they are in alphabetical order.) Blog entries labeled “Capsule Vocabularies” will feature some of the basic terminology lists developed for use by my students of legal English that I hope may also be of interest to translator and interpreter colleagues and other legal professionals.

medidas cautelares (provisional remedies)

Last week legal translator Alicia Martorell published an excellent article on the Spanish Civil Procedure Act (Ley de Enjuiciamiento Civil—LEC) as a fundamental source of terminology for translators and interpreters.* She mentions many terms and expressions that may initially puzzle translators who are new to this field, such as carga de la prueba; the distinction between providencias, autos and sentencias; or the difference between resolución definitiva and resolución firme. I’ve examined all of those terms in previous posts, offering possible English translations for each.** Today I would like to look at one of the sections of the LEC that Martorell underscores merits particular attention: medidas cautelares, known in English as “provisional remedies,” but also “interim/interlocutory remedies,” “interim relief” or, if the relief granted is an injunction (orden de hacer o no hacer), “injunctive relief.” I’m providing below some of the vocabulary of procesos cautelares (“provisional remedy proceedings”) with possible renderings in English. In a second post, I will look at the different types of provisional remedies available under the LEC and how they may be expressed in English.

  •  demanda cautelar—motion for provisional remedies; application for interim relief
  • solicitar medidas cautelares—to apply for provisional remedies/interim relief/an injunction
  • solicitud de medidas cautelares a instancia de parte—ex parte application/motion for provisional remedies
  • oposición a la medida cautelar—(defendant’s) objection to the grant of provisional remedies
  • caución sustitutoria—substitute bond (bond posted by the defendant in lieu of a provisional remedy)
  • adoptar medidas cautelares—to grant/order provisional remedies/interim relief; to grant an injunction
  • resolución cautelardecision/ruling in provisional remedy proceedings
  • auto que acuerda medidas cautelares—order granting provisional remedies/interim relief/an injunction
  • auto que deniega las medidas cautelares—order denying the motion (or) application for provisional remedies/interim relief/an injunction
  • alzamiento de medidas cautelares—cancellation/revocation of provisional remedies; lifting an injunction

The requisites for granting medidas cautelares are fumus boni iuris and periculum in mora, two important latinismos that I will look at in a post tomorrow.

Read more here: Víctor Moreno Catena and Valentín Cortés Domínguez. Derecho Procesal Civil, Parte General. Valencia: Tirant lo Blanch, 2015, Lección 29: “Las medidas cautelares”, pp. 419-439.


**carga de la prueba:

sentencia definitiva/firme:

providencia; auto; sentencia:

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