Terminology Sources: ICEX’s Guides to Business in Spain

Terminology Sources

A useful source of ES-EN legal terminology are the Guía de negocios en España and its English versión “Guide to Business in Spain.” An initiative of ICEX (the former Instituto Español de Comercio Exterior, now called ICEX España Exportación e Inversiones), the guides are written by the lawyers at Garrigues and translated by the law firm’s team of in-house translators. They are updated yearly, are available for downloading in pdf format* and cover many aspects of the Spanish legal system including:

  • Sistema fiscal (Tax System)
  • Legislación laboral y de seguridad social (Labor and Social Security Regulations)
  • Propiedad industrial e intellectual (Intellectual Property Law)
  • Legislación en material de sociedades (Company and Commercial Law
  • Sistema financiero español (The Spanish Financial System)
  • Aspectos contables y de auditoria (Accounting and Audit Issues)

*In Spanish: http://www.investinspain.org/guidetobusiness/index_es.htm

*In English: http://www.investinspain.org/guidetobusiness/index_en.htm


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